Before you start building your base tan, one of our
Tan One experts help you choose the tanning booth and lotion that's best for you!

Tan One tanning booths

tan one offers 3 levels of tanning booths to achieve your desired cOLOR. we provide only the very best equipment in the tanning industry. our tanning bulbs are rotated regularly and we are obsessed with the cleanliness of our salon. 

tan one 54

Just a little longer

The HT54 combines value and performance.This 10 minute max stand up booth wiil develop your base tan in 4-5 sessions with only 2% UVB. 

tan one 42

Get the base

The HT42 is our best value and a great way to develop your base tan.11 minute max tanning time and you will develop your base tan in 6 sessions with 8% UVB. 

tan one 60

in! Out! Tan!

The HT60 is the fastest bronzing booth in the industry. 8 minute max and your done. Develop your base tan in 3 sessions with only 2% UVB.